My  cushion sewing workshop @ The Studio with 6 lovely women.


I'm running a new Saturday Morning Art Club! Weekly at the Studio Morland, open to children of all ages but under 6 must be accompanied by an adult and spaces are limited. learn art in a relaxed and fun atmosphere and make new friends! 

Places and Spaces

Emersive Educational Arts Trail surrounding the theme 'Places and Spaces' at Morland Area School. A week of art workshops including paper mache, clay, textiles and print-making, cumulating in an arts trail opened to the public and family BBQ.

The Studio

Exciting times


Project with several primary schools in and around The Eden Valley. Designing, creating and decorating papier mache birds with Key Stage 1 pupils.

Group Portraits

Been wildly busy sewing these lovely fabric group portraits, commissions are welcome and it is very easy to connect with me through my Facebook page.

Rob, Donna, Annie and Mavis

Fabric Portraits

Grace, Jack and Kevin, family portrait commission