Group Portraits

Been wildly busy sewing these lovely fabric group portraits, commissions are welcome and it is very easy to connect with me through my Facebook page.

Rob, Donna, Annie and Mavis

Fabric Portraits

Grace, Jack and Kevin, family portrait commission


Lantern Festival

Ewanrigg Lantern Workshops and Parade in Maryport, in support of SOBs (Save Our Bed Campaign)



Solfest on site-artist creating a jungle-themed garden, flags and festival flutter by me.

Storytelling Chair

The Morland Storytelling Chair textile project. Workshop leader and upholsterer.

Angels and Clouds

I've been busy sewing celestial beings for a pop-up gallery I held in my lovely Cumbrian Cottage last Saturday. Turned out to be a very nice day indeed, quiet but steady and I did phenomenally well in sales, selling out of nearly everything and accruing lots of orders so I will be busy with my head down and foot on the treadle for a while. Thank goodness for coffee and kittens, if you have both of these things then there is always an excuse for a break. ;-)