Angels and Clouds

I've been busy sewing celestial beings for a pop-up gallery I held in my lovely Cumbrian Cottage last Saturday. Turned out to be a very nice day indeed, quiet but steady and I did phenomenally well in sales, selling out of nearly everything and accruing lots of orders so I will be busy with my head down and foot on the treadle for a while. Thank goodness for coffee and kittens, if you have both of these things then there is always an excuse for a break. ;-)


It may not feel very deserty around here in the sub-zero Cumbrian hills but I am busy making cacti, these little guys are so much fun to sew and turns out they are perfect pin-cushion material. I am rubbish at keeping any kind of plant alive so here's the perfect scenario, felt plants that won't disappoint.I do have a lot of vintage pots that need filling so it's win-win. ';-)

Elf - on - a - Ledge

I know how wrong it is to be actually thinking of Christmas in October but sometimes needs must. This little Elf commission was my first elf, hopefully not my last. The first Elf will always be special and I did find it tricky to let go of this little one, he has big ears and is particularly keen on snow-boarding.
Elves should not be kept as pets but if they turn up at your house wrapped in tissue and brown paper via the postal system then you are legally allowed to keep them, do not feed them cumquats under any circumstances. 


Bestsy is a little fabric portrait made from vinatge and up-cycled fabrics and fine felts. Partly machine free-motion-stitched and hand embroidered, these are unique (no two are the same) portraits that come complete with frame and hook. They are backed with felt and ready to display anywhere in your lovely home. 

My Family

My latest collection consists of portraits, inspired by some quite formal Victorian portrait-photographs I saw on-line, which I loved. Then I found these little hoop/frames and thought they would be perfect, although they do seem very difficult to source. Here are my first pieces, my family, minus the pussy-cat, I have had to put him on hold as he is proving quite tricky. 

Egg Cosies

My Egg Cosy Collection is up in my new Folksy Shop. I am new to Folksy and am not sure what the reach is like but am hoping it will provide me with another selling outlet other than Facebook (which has been great).
These over-sized egg cosies are all one-off pieces, designed and made using vintage/retro fabrics, no two are the same. Perfect for brightening up your home.
Be part of the egg cosy revolution and make your mealtimes a happier place. :-D

Sewing Bee(s)

I really wanted to write a tutorial for these bees and upload a pattern but time has run away with me. I made these as embellishments to sew on a chair we are re-upholstering up a the kid's school in our new village. The school is completely super and if I was 6 that is probably where I would want to spend all my days and indeed this does seem to be the case but the fact is I massively miss my children on a daily basis so wangling time to go into their classes to teach really lovely arts/craft stuff works for me on so many levels. 
I will get round to posting one (a tutorial) because frankly I need the practise. Soon Boo and The Noodle original patterns will be available to download from my etsy shop. *Look stage right for etsy button link* :-D 
Slowly, slowly catchy monkey. 
In the meantime the bees will help to remind us all that Spring is only a hop, skip and a jump away now. 


Happy New Year!
Promise I will try and be good. 
Will be posting some pictures of pieces I have worked on in the last year and sold mainly through my facebook page. 2015 will hopefully see my etsy shop occurring and having an over-haul and rebrand.
We live in the country now, it's most distracting but in  good way. :-D