Process Not Goal

Okay, I may have made it look like I have not been doing anything much towards the business in Junevember but I have been consolidating ideas, after all it's all in the process, or so I am told. Headbands are where I am at a the moment and the little Boo took some time out of her busy school schedule to model exhibit A. Variations on a theme to follow...

Milly and Molly and Mandy

This month I am mainly reading Milly Molly Mandy (to my five year old) to the backdrop of the cold relentless rain. One might think it was February but it is in fact a new month called Junevember, it is cold and miserable and not at all how Summer should be and I do not function well under such harsh climatical conditions.
My other main preoccupation is sewing The Noodle's play mat, rather like the Bayeux Tapestry it is taking me an age to complete and growing exponentially (therein lies my problem); however, I do feel that unless this mission is completed some time soon then Boo and The Noodle, the sewing empire that is to be, will not stand a pussy cats hope in hell.