A Tree is for Life...

I have been sewing a lot of fabric trees lately, a veritable forest. I started with this old oak to go with Sam's farm play mat...

Then I realised it was way too big for that so I made this smaller one out of some vintage fabric.

I sewed some autumnal ones too but I don't have any pictures yet of those young saplings quite yet and since I have the sew-opiary bug (see what I did there), there are some velvet and felt ones coming to a wood near you soon.
I searched the wonderful tinternet and couldn't find any free standing fabric trees anywhere so I am pleased that I am cornering that tiny little gap in the market. Perfect for gardenless tenants  rooms without a view or those craving a horticultural cuddle in the wee small hours, filled with natural fibres and hand sewn, well mostly. Now to populate my nature table with some hardy perennials. :-)


I can't take any credit for the design, I found a wonderful tutorial here, but I needed to practise my appliqué curves desperately so it seemed rude not to make Sam this monster t shirt complete with pocket for monster paraphernalia.


I have had this urge to make dioramas for some time now, strange as it may seem, and I guess not being able to sew at the moment has forced me into trying out a different project. I became a little bit obsessed with searching for them on the world wide web and found some beautiful examples here, here and here.
This guy makes the tiniest dioramas in all sorts of cool repurposed stuff, I like that idea so here is my attempt, using one of my father's old cigar boxes.

The Owl and the Pussy Cat (just in case you were wondering!)

With 50 pence piece to illustrate scale.

Box all closed up.

Now I have caught the diorama bug I am eyeing up all sorts of empty vessels, and  it helps to have an outlet for my ongoing Edward Lear fixation too, The Jumblies would just be the perfect paper project and a great packing distraction.

Little Boy Blue

Sewing has not been featuring too highly this month, due to many reasons but mainly because a) my sewing machine was very poorly and b) we are moving house. Most of my beloved fabric stash is now housed in a box marked "Craft Tat", parked next to the three large boxes marked "Fancy Dress Tat".
However, I have been practising my appliqué skills, such as they are:

Here is The Noodle sporting his new dinosaur T shirt and his inability to keep still, hence the blurry photos..and here is a picture of his new monster knee patch which is also out of focus, nothing whatsoever to do with my dodgy camera action.*Ahem*