A Tree is for Life...

I have been sewing a lot of fabric trees lately, a veritable forest. I started with this old oak to go with Sam's farm play mat...

Then I realised it was way too big for that so I made this smaller one out of some vintage fabric.

I sewed some autumnal ones too but I don't have any pictures yet of those young saplings quite yet and since I have the sew-opiary bug (see what I did there), there are some velvet and felt ones coming to a wood near you soon.
I searched the wonderful tinternet and couldn't find any free standing fabric trees anywhere so I am pleased that I am cornering that tiny little gap in the market. Perfect for gardenless tenants  rooms without a view or those craving a horticultural cuddle in the wee small hours, filled with natural fibres and hand sewn, well mostly. Now to populate my nature table with some hardy perennials. :-)

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