I have had this urge to make dioramas for some time now, strange as it may seem, and I guess not being able to sew at the moment has forced me into trying out a different project. I became a little bit obsessed with searching for them on the world wide web and found some beautiful examples here, here and here.
This guy makes the tiniest dioramas in all sorts of cool repurposed stuff, I like that idea so here is my attempt, using one of my father's old cigar boxes.

The Owl and the Pussy Cat (just in case you were wondering!)

With 50 pence piece to illustrate scale.

Box all closed up.

Now I have caught the diorama bug I am eyeing up all sorts of empty vessels, and  it helps to have an outlet for my ongoing Edward Lear fixation too, The Jumblies would just be the perfect paper project and a great packing distraction.

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