Wacky Races

The Noodle doesn't let me sew in the day time, he thinks it is anti-social and there is always the danger he will jump up and down on the treadle unexpectedly or jab his finger under the moving needle. Mostly he likes to press buttons and there are a lot of buttons to press on my sewing machine, irresistible. As extreme sewing is not really my bag I tend to sew under cover of night. This is usually fine if a) the kids are sleeping well and b) my social life is non existent but neither of these things have been true this week so I am feeling somewhat thwarted, thwarted and slightly hungover, this does not make for very neat stitching. Because I couldn't sew and because the rain is still raining and because I desperately wanted to make something, anything, I made the kids this...

The horse won, just in case you are of the betting persuasion ;-) .

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