Normally Monday is a working day, well half of Monday is a working day. I get to squeeze in some sewing between 9.00 and 2.00 while Sam paints himself blue at pre-school. Not so today as he has a cough and kept me up all night by lying on my head and barking like a seal in my ear. His father panicked me by declaring it is whooping cough but I think it sounds like croup (he is pretty jolly with it though), either way there is no work for me today. Plan B involves gardening, the sun is already out and I have my eye on some primroses.
I will leave you with one of the projects I am thinking of selling at the Steiner Spring Fair (yes, I am attempting it once more this year). Little pocket friends, made with much love and guaranteed to be loyal, helpful and comforting, just like a real friend should. :-)

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